Speaking Topics

Finding Joy in Darkness

Josie shares her inspiring story of finding Joy and light while she herself lives in crippling darkness. She shares details and insights about her struggle with mental illness over the past several years and how she was determined to change the world by being "The girl who brings light to others through her darkness". She inspires her audiences as she shares her unique experiences of traveling with The 444 Project. She has taken her irrefutable and extremely difficult life experiences and now helps bring a greater understanding and awareness to all the different challenges people face.  She has turned her trials into a story of victory even though she is still very much in the midst of thick abounding darkness.

Your Story Matters

One of the core beliefs that has fueled The 444 Project is Josie's belief that "Everyone has a story to tell and their story matters". This crazy girl along with her crazy faith, has traveled all over this country and several other continents. Wherever she traveled, met, taught, worked with and fell in love with thousands of people.  She now uses these experiences to teach audiences of all kinds, how uniquely beautiful and valuable each of us are. She inspires everyone to write their own story and gain power from it.  Josie teaches that while we're waiting for our own miracle, we can become another's.

Marital Wellness with Mental Illness

Marriage is hard enough as it is but adding mental illness to the mix can really make things intense and at times bring a lot of twists and turns! Josie and Brighton share their tips and tricks for navigating marriage and relationships when mental illness is an everyday part of marriage. Though their marriage has been anything but conventional, Brighton and Josie have learned that together, it IS possible to find Joy in your marriage. So what is the secret? Together they share a common passion and they know that compassion and communication are the key to marital wellness. Through their speaking engagements and humanitarian work, they have devoted their lives to serving and helping others find peace and hope. 

Service Saves Lives

One common theme that Josie has seen as she has traveled the world and interviewed thousands is that service is the short cut to Joy. Josie shares moving experiences of how serving and being served hasn't just changed her life, it has saved her life. After literally lying in bed for three years because of her depression, Josie realized she could have a major impact on others if she started to share her story. This began The 444 Project which has become a vehicle to spread Joy through service on an international scale.  Everyone has a unique ability to uplift and help another. You will learn how to find, create and embrace Joy by reaching out to others. 


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Speech Types

Full Speech


Josie shares her powerful and moving story of finding light in darkness. She chronicles her struggle with mental illness and shares what she has learned about creating Joy even when you cannot feel it. She also shares about the inspiration that led to the creation of The 444 Project and her experiences of traveling the world to ask complete strangers "What brings youJoy?"

Required length is 60-70 Minutes

Ideal for keynote speeches, school assemblies and large church audiences.

Shared Speech

Josie and Brighton share the lessons they have learned while seeking martial wellness amidst mental illness.  Brighton will also briefly teach what The 444 Project has discovered through its research on Joy. Then Josie will share her journey of navigating through her darkness and the lessons that she has learned along the way.

Required length is 60-90 minutes but this can be adjusted according to your schedule and allotted time.

Ideal for school assemblies, conference addresses, university lectures and large church congregations for youth or adults.


Josie will tell a more brief account of her story, sharing candidly her struggle to find Joy in darkness. At the conclusion of her speech Brighton will join her and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions. Josie and Brighton love to answer questions because it allows them the chance to get more personal and intimate with the group and address their specific needs and concerns. 

Required length could be anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on the amount of questions asked but we will adjust according to school schedules. 

Ideal for school assemblies and large group conferences. 


In a highly interactive multi-media presentation Brighton and Josie share the incredible insights gained as The 444 Project continues to discover and spread Joy to the world. Using the data from thousands of interviews worldwide, they teach simple but specific skills to create joy and spreading it to others. 

Required length is 40-50 minutes but this can be adjusted according to your schedule and allotted time.

Ideal for high school and university classes, conference workshops and smaller church groups.