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Corporate and Non-Profit Reviews



As a keynote speaker Josie addresses fostering diversity, being innovative through challenges and creating joy.  She is the perfect choice to uplift, inspire and motivate any audience. 

     Erin Jemison, Americorps and UServeUtah

The keynote address was powerful, insightful, and struck the perfect balance in tone. Josie spoke to serious topics with appropriate respect while using humor to keep the audience’s attention and underscore her message. Given the line of people who waited to speak to Josie afterward, and feedback we have received, I think it is safe to say that the audience was deeply moved and felt inspired to live a life of service. Which was our goal! We asked her to address how service positively impacts the person serving and she nailed it. Thank you! I would just recommend that Josie be allotted an hour to give a keynote address. She met the goal in half the time, but I feel confident in saying that no one wanted it to end.

    Angela Antilla, Rotary Club Member, Arizona

I first heard about Josie and Brighton through a friend on Facebook.  After reading about Josie’s history of depression and how she was able to turn a very difficult emotional ordeal into her life’s mission to provide hope and inspiration to all who hear her message, we decided to invite her to present at out Rotary Club. 
Josie’s presentation was “spot on.”  My Rotary Club is made up of an eclectic group of community professionals both young and old.  I had asked Josie to gear her talk in a way that would appeal to a secular audience on a universal level.  Needless to say, she did a great job staying on subject.  Josie delivered a beautiful, sincere, and loving message in that short time and made fans of all in the room.
I am very pleased with the efficiency of Josie and Brighton’s staff in coordinating a very uplifting event for my Rotary Club.  After the agreed upon date and time for my program was set, I really didn’t worry.  They are very efficient and professional with regard to scheduling and follow up. 

    Amy English, Family Roots Expo Organizer, St. George, Utah

She did great! Loved her and Brighton’s presentation. I enjoyed seeing the slideshowof their most current work. I also think her video of her journey is important to see to understand her challenges. I saw several people crying. They were moved and motivated to help others.

Chandice Probst, Enlighten Retreat, Heber City Utah


Josie did a great job!  Everyone was touched by her speech and we really appreciate her genuine heart. Having Josie speak at our retreat was the perfect way to open hearts for the rest of the weekend.  So many people related to Josie and felt like after her discussion that they could really open up with

everybody the rest of the Retreat.  Having Josie as our keynote opening night speaker was divinely inspired.  We know without a doubt that she was meant to be there to speak to specific women's hearts. The experience was unforgettable for everyone.

    Amy Egbert, The Togetherness Project, Phoenix Arizona 2015 and Midway Utah 2016

The T. Project.jpg

Josie has spoken for us at 2 different events and each time left our attendees feeling uplifted and empowered. She spoke to their pain (and hers) but managed to deliver above and beyond our “wish list” level of presentation – to help women know that they aren’t alone and that they can do it. Whatever “it” is. They are capable and strong and incredible. She not only said it to them, but miraculously made them feel it too.

Though the throngs of people just dying to talk to her and give her a hug lingered longer than they should have, Josie handled the after crowd perfectly, and hit that beautiful ending note at exactly the right time.  Josie changes lives. There’s no other way to say it. Her message is incredible – but infinitely more impactful because she is incredible. I walked into the room immediately after her presentation and you could have heard a pin drop. The room was silent, our audience was in tears, and nobody dared move for fear of interrupting the beautiful feeling she left there. It was palpable. 

Once the silence was broken everybody in the room dried their tears and hugged each other, Josie, strangers, new friends and old.  Josie came to speak but did much more than that, she left friendship and love in the room.

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